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Driving With Abandon
Being HAPPY on the Road


You’ve done it.

I’ve done it.

We’ve all done it.

Even if you haven’t done it lately, I’m sure you’ve seen someone doing it.

Singing in the car. Oh sure, on a long stretch of highway with no cars beside you, it’s a freakin’ party in your car, right?

But what do you do when someone eases up beside you? Do you stop singing??

Why do you do that?

Why do you stop singing?

What exactly are you worried about?

Here’s the thing:  Our time in our car is private. We are heading somewhere nobody else knows about (unless we are cruising with friends). The people in the cars around us don’t know our name, our story. So why do we care so much what they think?

Why should we stop super-happy-fun-time just because the lady in the minivan next  to us MIGHT look over?

Even if she DOES look over, what is she going to see?


She is going to see a happy person having a great time. Is that so bad?

Even if you sound like Bob Dylan in the shi++er when you sing, you’re not trying out for The Voice, so who cares?


I have a phrase I tell myself as a reminder not to be so self conscious while driving.

“We are in a 10 second relationship, so why should I allow you to make me feel self conscious?”


Maybe you cruise next to someone for a few miles, but 99% of the people you pass on the road will be in your life for 10 seconds or less.

So why would you allow these insignificant people to influence you?

I say, sing with wild abandon!!

If you happen to look over and make eye contact with the person next to you, smile and keep singing!!

What’s the worst that could happen? They think you’re crazy? Well you probably are just a little.


Here’s another angle to think about:
How do you feel when you see and / or hear someone singing in a car next to you?

Do you hate them?

Do you envy them?

Do you think there is something wrong with them?

Chances are, you do envy them a little bit – for their free spiritedness. Also, you most likely admire them a LOT for their courage to be themselves.

Why not be that person that others admire?

Why not be that super-happy-fun person singing with abandon at the next stop light?

Drive Happy my friends.Steeeeee

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