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Build a Fort of HAPPINESS

Remember when you were little and you took the cushions off the couch to make a fort? You covered it with a towel or a sheet and brought your favorite toys of books inside with you. It was your private retreat. Your happy place. It was awesome!!

It felt like your own world where you were in control and anything was possible. The only people who were allowed inside your fort were the people you chose. Little brothers or sisters or even parents were not allowed inside the private sanctuary.


But as adults, we really don’t treat ourselves to this kind of luxury very often. We may have a home, but 99% of people play it safe and decorate to suit the tastes of the people who may visit. How is that for insane???


You know it’s true. You really wanted that color splash bathroom decor, but instead chose the bland pattern, so people didn’t think your were crazy or had bad taste. Right? Maybe some parts of your home are “you” but others are a compromise, or not finished yet.


But in reality, we are doing ourselves a huge disservice and robbing ourselves of an easy opportunity to create a Fort of Happiness.


Surround yourself with things that make you happy.


Duh, right? Sounds simple enough.

But look around you – your room, your cubicle at work, your car, your office, your kitchen – the places you spend the most time in.

What do you see?

Hopefully there are pictures of your family and friends, loved one. But also pictures or paintings of things you love and places you have great memories of. Or places you plan to visit someday.

It’s so easy to be lazy and leave our walls blank. But when you have the power and freedom to decorate your world with things that inspire you or make you happy, why the heck don’t you do it???


I’ll tell you one reason that prevented me from decorating my room for years. I simply couldn’t decide on which pictures to hang.

Yeah. Stupid, right?

Then one day I decided to just start putting up one or two things that I love. Pretty soon my whole room was covered with my treasures. It’s impossible for me to walk in that room and NOT feel awesome now.

Last year, I couldn’t stand the lame choices for wall calendars, so I chose a couple dozen images I really love that I saw on Facebook or Pinterest and I made my own calendar full of awesome images that inspire me.

This year I am going to create for myself a calendar full of the photos I have taken last year. I’ll make it for sale soon if anyone is interested.


If you’ve ever created a vision board or put images on your fridge that are supposed to burn into your subconscious over time, you know what happens eventually, right?

After a while, you look right past or through that vision board. It becomes part of the background – not part of your  focus.

But in order for things to materialize – or at the very least, make you feel good in the moment – they have to be something or somewhere that grabs your attention.

It’s sort of like a vision board, but more pervasive.


It’s not just a calendar, or pictures on the walls of my room.

It’s clothing that I have added custom patches that I picked up on eBay.

It’s stickers on my car that I feel add flavor and character.

It’s model cars in my room and on my desk at work that remind me that there is so much more to life than work work work.

It’s art books and art prints made by artists that truly inspire me.

Pinterest Steve Valline


It doesn’t have to be expensive. Some of the things I have added to my surroundings have cost less than $2. But it adds so much richness to my life every day.

So that’s the idea for the day. Spend some time building your Fort of HAPPINESS. Work on it a little every day. It’s so much fun to build it and then you can always add to it and change it as you go.

Take care my friends.



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  1. Very great and insightful words my friend you always inspire me I’d love to do a painting with you sometime and just hang out !

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