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Life IS Change

Well it looks like it’s time for a life change. Sometimes it’s welcome and sometimes not. For me at this time, it’s a mixed bag.

On the one hand, I’m emotionally and psychologically ready for a big change in my life. In fact, I’ve been craving one for quite some time now, which is an eerie feeling.

But along with the change, I don’t want to watch everything around me that I consider important crumble to the ground.

That may seem like the tricky part. Well, it is, of course. But then again, when I look back over my 43 years, life has changed a lot – usually in big seismic shifts – and each time has been for the best – eventually.

I love to learn and grow.

I love to challenge my own beliefs.

I love to compare what I know against what I KNOW I don’t know yet.


Makes sense?


Sometimes all you “know” is that you need to learn more. Like when you start a new job. You are very aware of what you don’t know. You feel clueless and stupid and like a newborn. It’s uncomfortable, if you let it be.


But if you acknowledge the fact that you are indeed in a new situation and you are ready and eager to learn, it takes the stupid feeling away. Mostly.


There have been times in my life when I was perfectly content with the status quo. I wasn’t looking for changes or life shifting events, but wouldn’t you know it, they happen anyway.

That’s why I say life IS change.

We can’t prevent it.

We can’t stop it.

Sometimes we can’t control it.


But sometimes we can.


This time, I am definitely ready for a change. And I am recognizing something in myself that is so-so good and bad. I realize that my day job has been sustaining my life for a while – just barely. But it has also been holding me back.

Having a steady weekly paycheck has made me weak in the will. The will to start my own business. I realize that complacency has taken over in certain areas of my life.

I decided many months ago that age 43 is the perfect time to reinvent myself.

Well, I turned 43 on January 2nd.

I decided many months ago that I was going to get off my a@@ and start to generate extra income through my various talents – writing, art, photography, 43 years of knowledge.


But having the steady day job gave me excuse after excuse to postpone my own business.


Now with the price of oil in the toilet – and worse – in the hands of foreign countries and their political wranglings, the business that has been so good to me for 16 years is slamming to a halt.

Oh sure, the oil industry goes up and down every single year. Last year, I sought to start an online affiliate business because my future was uncertain at this job. The year before that, I put off buying furniture because of the same uncertainty. Over the many years of doing drafting and design, I have made big and small decisions based on the roller coaster of my job.

Living with that type of uncertainty is a nightmare. But I know everybody goes through it. Everyone survives it.

But it’s not my preferred method of supporting myself and my loved ones. I would rather see income from my talents and hard work going into my pocket – not into some company’s.


It’s time for me to embrace this change and walk off into the sunset of THIS era of my life and boldly walk into the dawn of the NEXT era of my life.


43 is going to be the BEST year.

I’ll keep you posted.Life is change

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