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I Miss Cat Pics

two-faced-cats-facebook-cover-timeline-banner-for-fb cat pics

I’m sure you’ve noticed it too?

Over the last few weeks/months/years, facebook has declined and deteriorated to the point that I actually MISS CAT PICS.

Seriously, I sometimes go on there to distract myself from the concentration of “work”, hoping to find a silly cat in a shark costume or a little kid with a thpeach impediment asking for cookieeth.

But instead I am bombarded with Trump/Obama/ISIS/Bad Cops/Gun Control/Military/ and whatever else is Flavor-O-The-Day for brainwashing the masses.


I actually miss cat pics and dogs doing stupid things. In fact, that is pretty much all I click on or pause to watch in my newsfeed.

facebook-cat2 cat pics

One of my friends posted a rant about stopping all the ISIS talk and going back to cheerful and positive. And at first blush, I was like, “Girl, you need to be aware of what is going on around you. Mkay? Don’t be burying your head in no sand. Mmm Hmmm. Ain’t nobody got time for dat.”

But then I thought about it and she was right.

This world is full of negative and depressing shi+. Facebook is entertainment and a way for Grandpa to see little Timmy grow up without actually having to spend time with the brat.

What people ain’t got time for is all the negativity.

Has the war on terror worked?

Has the war on drugs worked?

Has the war on Justin Beiber worked?

No – all are still thriving and getting bigger, most likely from all the focus and attention they receive.

So I propose a new Entertainment Website. Sure it can start with cat pics. And then throw in some talking dogs and a monkey playing with its junk. And eventually, it too will get corrupted by the political and racist crap that has ruined facebook.

But we should be able to take all the funny videos and clips we have saved to our phones over the last several years and upload them to this imaginary site.

We can call it FateBook or FaithBook (for our lithpy friends – Ha – people with a lisp cannot pronounce lisp – life is so funny). We could have one or two months of glorious mindless entertainment before being overrun by Donald Trump or race baiting or some other Flavor-O-The-Day tragedy that needs to be wallowed in.

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