Blog O’ tha Day – Making Lemonade out of Lemons

I’m going to slide my Rant of the Day right on into my Zen Moment of the day.

While leaving my neighborhood this morning (12/30ish/14), I was tailgated by a large SUV. Headlights on because the sun had not yet reached its full glory. I couldn’t tell who was driving or why they were in such a hurry.

I tell myself, “Don’t speed up for them. Just drive your own way.”

But I found myself braking harder than usual at the stop sign. A clear sign that I was driving faster than I should have been.

Sigh.     They are getting to me.

But it’s ok. After this corner, we have 2 lanes in this direction. They can freely pass me then.


Great. Apparently, this person is turning left at the next intersection, same as me.

Ok. The light WAS green to turn left, but I am too far away and I WILL NOT SPEED UP to catch the light, just to satisfy this tailgater.

So I don’t.

I drive my own way. I miss the light.

Naturally, the tailgater behind me misses the light too.

Notice I use the benign term “tailgater” instead of a@@hole.

I am keeping my zen.

I am calming my chiz.

I am still in control <smiley face, relaxed eyes>.

So the light goes green, and I make my left turn onto another street with 2 lanes, so the tailgater is free to pass me now.

Annnnnnnd, she does.

I can see the driver now as she passes.

Youngish female – hair in bun. No turn signal for the last few turns we have shared together. Seems like she is in a hurry, but not like most school moms – school is out for the holidays.

So why the need to tailgate and speed around people with no turn signals?

As I ponder the mystery, a random thought crosses my mind…she is NOT driving that SUV with any sense of pride of ownership.

When a person is making the payment on a vehicle, they are generally more cautious with their driving.

I’m sure you’ve noticed the douchebag dudes wearing the flat-bill-baseball-caps sideways, with their chin-strap-beards weakly holding it on?

They are usually driving a Lexus or BMW – all the windows down in 40 degree weather, with a hard lean to the left, music too loud, driving too fast, not signaling, mouth slightly agape. They slowly turn to look over at all cars at the stoplights with a”how YOU doin guuuurrrrlllll?” look in their eyes. If it is me or some other dude in the car next to them, they quickly suck their teeth, roll their eyes and turn to the other side. I like to wink and give them an air kiss in that briefest of moments we share together when our eyes meet.

Do you really think they chose the grandmother edition Lexus ES?

Most likely, they are driving mommy’s car. Or they are driving girlfriend’s car – you know, the one with a job?

In any case, there is no way in heaven or hell they are making a payment on that ride. They don’t drive it with any pride of ownership.

As a contrast, a driver with pride of ownership is just as easy to spot.

Like the older gentleman driving his family around in a previously-very-expensive-Mercedes-Benz S500. You know the cars; too old to be driven by someone with old money, but still beautiful and nice enough to make a man feel like a million bucks.

This gentleman drives slowly and with intent. He is nicely dressed, hair perfect, stylish glasses on his face. He makes eye contact with other drivers as they pass. He is in the moment and he is a respected gentlemen. Because he thinks he is, he feels he is, he knows he is. So, HE IS.

Anyway, I find it interesting that how people behave is dependent on certain things. It’s human nature. Truly fascinating.

So the tailgater sped off into the morning dew, cutting off the work truck in the lane ahead of me. But wait, Starbucks is the other direction…who knows. I am sure she was on a mercy mission of some sort. Probably a geriatric nurse coming off a triple shift, now heading to the animal shelter to save baby kittens.

I continue my drive to work, my zen intact.

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