Blog O’ tha Day – The Spee-I-der

BEWARE the Spee-I-derrrr

So it’s the second time I’ve noticed something faint out of the corner (top) of my eye. Sitting at my desk at work, there’s slight movement above my head…

YEP – It’s a SPIDER sliding up – then down – on a web strand.

What a creepy word – S-P-I-D-E-R.

Just saying it in my head gives me weird chills.


It must a be primal fear that goes way back to our ancestors.

Monsters, sharks, clowns, the Spee-I-der.

All very scary.

Yet so fascinating at the same time….


The Spee-I-der

So the first time it happened, a strange thought took over me…

“If that little guy was descending 6 inches to the north, it would be right on top of my head!!”

“9 +- inches north and he would be down the back of my neck…!!?!”


I’m SO happy he chose to descend in front of my face. Good for me, bad for him. I quickly grabbed a tissue and ended his reign of terror.


So what makes the spiders choose that spot to descend? I look up and there is nothing different or special about the spots above my head or 6 – 10 inches in front of my head.

So what’s the deal?

I’m so very thankful that I saw both spiders, that they did not make contact with me (that I am aware of) and that I was able to “take care of them” quickly, so I wasn’t freaking out all day looking for them to attack me from above.

But ever since then, I get an itchy crawly feeling on the back of my neck – every once in a while – and I am reminded of the Spee-I-derrrrrr……I am looking up as I am writing this….

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